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Adam and Nathalie are both commited to Yoga and Sri Aurobindo’s teaching since more than two decades, and in the last two years, they have been living mainly in Aurovalley ashram, a project dedicated to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s Yoga under the guidance of swami Brahmdev (www.aurovalley.com), giving daily singing classes to guests and ashramites from all over the world, as well as regular meditative concerts and kirtans in the ashram Dhyan Mandir.

Adam created a unique instrument, a combination of alto violin and esraj, that was baptised « Vishraj » by Pandit Barunkumar Pal in 2011. They both recorded two opus named « Soul to Soul » and « Contrastes », where Barunji’s soul catching’s indian classical melodies interweaved with Adam’s contemporary music and arrangements.

Apart from these, Adam recorded with Nathalie a bunch of Cds with his own kirtan’s and Vocal Yoga compositions (« Yoga de la Voix, Satsongs », « Kirtanadam », « Temple Kirtan Live ») and meditative Cds for the purpose of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation (« Mantras », « 108 AUM »).

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Adam S. Callejon, musician and storyteller

With the simple beauty of his lyrics and harmony that emanates from his music, Adam drags everyone in a world of his own : a world of poetry.

Singer-songwriter and Composer

 Guitarist, bassist and vocalist, his interest in philosophy and Indian music influences his research and current musical compositions. He studied Dhrupad vocal (classical singing of North India) with Yvan Trunzler (Dagar Vani), and plays the Esraj (string instrument near the Sitar and Sarangi). Pandit Barunkumar Pal, musician Emeritus and recognized in India, now guides his practice and learning of Indian music.


Exploring forgotten paths, Adam's musical researches highlight the harmonizing power of music and its relationship to our interiority.Thus were created the VOCAL YOGA, Sacred Chanting of India.

Discography :


• «Kirtanadam» with N. Nichanian & Shivananada Sharma

• «Soul to Soul» with Pandit Barunkumar Pal & Subhajyothi Guha 2009

• «108 AUM, méditation sur le Pranava» with N. Nichanian 2009

• «Mantras, pour chanter et méditer» with N. Nichanian 2009

• «SAT SONGS chants sacrés de l’Inde» avec N. Nichanian 2008

• "Sur les ailes de Garuda" 2004 with Debashish Brahmachari

• "Blangoulé-Plage" en 2003 with Eric Contreau

• "Jardins Secrets" en 2001 with Gille Crépin

Nathalie Nichanian, Yoga teacher

During the Vocal Yoga workshops, yoga sessions are led by Nathalie Nichanian. Initiated very early in yoga, she deepened her knowledge in India and France, and runs courses and workshops for more than 13 years. She also studied North Indian classical singing for 6 years.The practice of Hatha Yoga promotes the integration of voice practice : attention to the body and the breath improves relaxation and soothes the mind, making us more available to a flexible approach and concentrated singing.

As a complement, she started studying Ayurveda in 2011 and was diplomed under the guidance of Vaidya Atreya Smith in France (Europeean Institute of Vedic Studies), and with Doctor Sunil Joshi (Vinayak Ayurveda and Panchakarma Research Foundation in Nagpur). 

Her website : www.sesame-yoga.fr


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