Vocal Yoga, Sacred Chanting of India

Derived from the Hindustani classical singing technique, Vocal Yoga highlights the music and its subtle effect of harmonization. A vocal work with finesse and nuance makes us appreciate the true value and the power of Silence and its dynamic aspect in music and in our mental sphere. Practitioners derive immediate benefit : relaxed body and mind, soft face and bright smiles.


Vocal Yoga consist of an evolving technique for a true in-depth musical workBased on the Indian classic tradition, it also serves as a universal concept complement to any serious study about the voice. In adition to vocal exercises, basic rhythm favor rooting and melodic placement. This practice relates to singing consciousness and is about the voice (as an expression of everything that we are) in relation with the body. First experienced as a pleasure, its beneficial effects are immediately accessible and promote relaxation and inner awareness, a essential part of any Yoga.

It is about allowing time to yourself, and become the architect of your own well-being. The practice of modal singing allows us to empty, simply not to reason, but to resonate, to fillourselves with music. When music resemble an intimate conversation, it affects us particularly. Vocalized notes are not designed as a fixed point, but as paths beneath the shimmering lights of the voice. With the natural instrument of your voice, we will discover the unsuspected depths of music and its effects on us. We sing softly and consciously, enjoying moreover the quality of Silence.


"A singing session centered and focused brings the voice to light, gently releasing shadows. This is the way to another clew. I am always pleased to see the harmonizing effects which participants indicate : peace, clarity, silence, serenity, joy, energy. 


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